Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Rust Family
 get together in Midway.

Opening Ceremony for the Olympics.
We spent the evening playing games, eating food and watching the ceremony at our house with my family. 

 Late nights on the tramp.

We spent a couple of days in the beautiful Zion's National Park.

 She was mad because she couldn't hold the camera. ;)

 Look who I found riding in Zions. 
My hot hubby!

 Sand Hollow State Park

 Hiking and skiing at Alta.

 We baked a bunch!
The kids made some awesome recipes of their own version of healthy cookies 

 Made a ton of projects!
The ones below are making volcano and fossils, which of course was a big hit for the boys.
Firehouse tour


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Our Florida Trip!

Back in January we took the kids to florida for 2 weeks of Disney world, Legoland, water parks and the beach. We had a BLAST and probably spent every minute running around having fun. Rowan was Finally tall enough to ride on a bunch of the roller coaster rides this year, so the 4 boys usually were out and about riding the rides as Catalina and I walked and walked and walked (which I actually really liked.) Josh is the perfect dad for these boys, they were in heaven spending all this time running around with him. Josh and North went on all of the SCARY roller coasters this year, Railay could have stayed at Legoland another 2 maybe another year (this kid LOVES legos), Rowan was thrilled that he was tall enough to ride all of the big boy rides and Catalina loved meeting all the characters.
There's nothing I LOVE more than making new memories with my sweet family.

North and Railay went through JEDI TRAINING! 
The best part of it is watching the kids fight Darth Vader. 

Josh love the FAST CAR show at Hollywood Studios.

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon
This place was actually Josh's favorite place out of ALL the parks. 

 T-REX Restaurant in Downtown Disney
 I think it might just be a little kids dream or nightmare to eat with all of the moving dinosaurs here. 
As for my kids they LOVED it!

Legoland with the Bowdens

For two of the day our friends the Bowdens came and joined us. We went to Legoland for both of those days.  We had a great time with them and loved seeing the kids have a fun time with each other. 

The cute kids.

 I think Amber and I dominated everyone in this game :)

The kids loved playing with their legos in the evenings at the hotel.


 Collecting shells along the beach.

I love these pictures of Josh on the beach with the kids. 

 The kids after the beach day :)


 Swimming at our hotel


Catalina loved the parades.
 She would wave to every character that would pass by. 

There are some awesome scavenger hunts that you can sign up for in the parks. We all had a fun time running around trying to find all the clues. 

 Catalina's favorite ride was the carousel.

Eating Disney's delicious carmel apples

In one of my favorite places out of ALL the parks -
 The boys loved running around on Huck Finn's Island.

Who's that crazy man?

North loves to dance, so he was having the time of his life shaking his booty here.

I think Railay fell asleep during every night show that we went to in the parks. 


Josh was SO excited to ride this kiddie ride that he can hardly contain himself.

On one of the evening we were in Epcot it rained HARD, which was actually really fun as we ran around the park getting drenched. 


 Going on the Safari. 
The kids LOVED seeing all of the animals.

 Railay's cute Dinosaur face after we went on the Dinosaur ride.

 My favorite part of animal Kingdom was the Nemo Broadway Show. 

 Catalina waving to everyone on the ride. I just love this girl!

  The Rainforest Cafe 

Meeting some of the characters.
Every time we saw a character Catalina would go running up to them and give them a big huge. You might also notice that North was never in any of the pictures, yes he already thinks he too big to meet them. :)

And finally the plane ride home, which was BETTER than the plane ride to Florida where Catalina threw up over 4x, on Josh thankfully :)