Friday, December 19, 2014

Halloween Time 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving Morning Turkey Trot
North and Rowan ran 2 miles & Railay ran 1 mile - NON-STOP!
Thanksgiving Dinner at The Ranch

North Serving a Pre-Thanksgiving Meal

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hawaii Anniversary Trip

 Josh and I went to Hawaii for 9 day at the beginning of November for our 10th anniversary. We went to the islands of Kawaii and The Big Island of Hawaii. Our time there was absolutely magical! I LOVE traveling with my hubby, we have the time of our life when we go on adventures together. 

We spent a couple of days hiking and camping the Na Pali Coast, which was breathtaking!  We hiked along the 22 mile Kalalua  trail which took you through a rugged cliff along the coast. At the end of the trail we ended at a gorgeous beach that can only be accessed by boat or hiking there. After the   Na Pali coast we then spent another 4 days staying on Kawaii enjoying the island. We went to farmers markets, rode ATV's, explored there Waimea Canyon, snorkeled,  went to a luau and tried boogie boarding. 

After our time on Kawaii we flew to The Big Island. This islands natural beauty and ecological features were amazing! We loved exploring the place and finding hidden secrets throughout the island. We spent time in the Volcano National Park, snorkeled a bunch, found some gorgeous waterfalls, hiked to some secret beaches, tried a bunch of amazing restaurants and had tons of fun! Both of the islands were amazing and I already miss being there. 

The pictures are in no particular order and beware there are A LOT of selfies! :) 

Na Pali Coast

 Waimea Canyon

 Luau on Kawaii

 Our Anniversary Night 

 ATV Riding in Kawaii

 Beach At Our Hotel In Kawaii

 Hike to Captain Cook Beach
 Exploring The Big Island of Hawaii

 Snorkeling at Turtle Beach

 Volcano National Park